Horti Maecenatiani, Texts by Chrystina Häuber, 2011

Text 1: The Horti of Maecenas on the Esquiline Hill in Rome
Text 2: The Horti of Maecenas: the ancient structures and buildings within their area (catalogue nos. 1-58) that are visible on the here published maps, some remarks on the maps, on the database and on the bibliography
Text 3: The Horti of Maecenas: Explanations for the maps

In these three texts I have referred to the following book:

"C. Häuber, forthcoming, The Eastern Part of the Mons Oppius in Rome: the Sanctuary of Isis et Serapis in Regio III, the Temples of Minerva Medica, Fortuna Virgo, and the Dea Syria, and the Horti of Maecenas. With Contributions by Edoardo Gautier di Confiengo and Daniela Velestino, accepted as Supplement volume of BullCom".

It is mentioned like this in the "Bibliography" at the end of Text 1, and it is referred to as "Häuber forthcoming" in all three texts.

This book has in the meantime been published as 22. Suppl. BullCom 2014

georeferenzierte Karten zur Topographie der Stadt Rom/ georeferenced maps of the topography of ancient Rome

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