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Chrystina Häuber (2021): The Cancelleria Reliefs and Domitian's Obelisk in Rome in context of the legitimation of Domitian's reign. With studies on Domitian's building projects in Rome, his statue of Iuppiter Optimus Maximus Capitolinus, the colossal portrait of Hadrian (now Constantine the Great), and Hadrian's portrait from Hierapydna.

in Honour of Rose Mary Sheldon

With Contributions by John Bodel, Emanuele M. Ciampini, Amanda Claridge, Angelo Geißen, Laura Gigli, Hans Rupprecht Goette, Peter Herz, Eugenio La Rocca, Eric M. Moormann, Jörg Rüpke, Franz X. Schütz, R.R.R. Smith, Giandomenico Spinola, Mario Torelli, Walter Trillmich, Claudia Valeri, and T.P. Wiseman

FORTVNA PAPERS, edited by Franz Xaver Schütz and Chrystina Häuber, Volume III, 2021

ISBN: 978-3-943872-24-8, (München: Hochschule München).


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